“Parametric reshaping of human bodies in images” by Zhou, Fu, Liu, Cohen-Or and Han

  • ©Shizhe Zhou, Hongbo Fu, Ligang Liu, Daniel Cohen-Or, and Xiaoguang Han




    Parametric reshaping of human bodies in images



    We present an easy-to-use image retouching technique for realistic reshaping of human bodies in a single image. A model-based approach is taken by integrating a 3D whole-body morphable model into the reshaping process to achieve globally consistent editing effects. A novel body-aware image warping approach is introduced to reliably transfer the reshaping effects from the model to the image, even under moderate fitting errors. Thanks to the parametric nature of the model, our technique parameterizes the degree of reshaping by a small set of semantic attributes, such as weight and height. It allows easy creation of desired reshaping effects by changing the full-body attributes, while producing visually pleasing results even for loosely-dressed humans in casual photographs with a variety of poses and shapes.


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