“Parallax searching and mesosurface shadowing” by Delgass and McGhee

  • ©Leif L. Delgass and Kyle McGhee

  • ©Leif L. Delgass and Kyle McGhee




    Parallax searching and mesosurface shadowing



    Fine surface details and shadows are important visual cues for discerning relative object positions and surface contours of shadow receivers. Per-pixel displacement techniques have been presented which extend the bump mapping [Blinn 1978] mesosurface rendering technique. Parallax effects and self-occlusions have been achieved by adjusting albedo and normal map texture coordinates to account for the view direction [Policarpo et al. 2005; Donnelly 2005]. However, uncorrected application of the shadow mapping algorithm [Williams 1978] to these techniques results in flat shadows that do not conform to the shape of the displaced surface.


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