“Panocam and Postvis For The Chicago Chase in Jupiter Ascending”

  • ©Tom Proctor, Christopher Sweet, Kyle Goodsell, and Daniel Rauchwerger



Entry Number: 30


    Panocam and Postvis For The Chicago Chase in Jupiter Ascending



    Double Negative’s VFX work on Jupiter Ascending included the Chicago Chase sequence, in which Caine and Jupiter are pursued through the city by the alien Keepers. The directors wanted to base as much of the sequence as possible on pre-dawn photography: for some wide shots, stunt performers would be dangled from helicopters and flown through the city, but for shots which would show the talent, or the helicopters could not fly safely at speed, a multi-pass approach was required. Foreground plates of the actors on wires were shot on a greenscreen. A custom multi camera array called the Panocam was designed and helicopter-mounted to capture backgrounds with high resolution and wide field of view. In post, the array images were stitched together and both layers of photography were tracked and extensively recomposed and retimed, and composited with CGI and FX to create the final shots.


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