“Panel: Ubiquitous Computing and Augmented Reality” Moderated by

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    Panel: Ubiquitous Computing and Augmented Reality

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    Ubiquitous computing is a radical alternative to the desktop and virtual reality models oi computing. It turns these models inside out: instead of using computers to simulate or replace common physical space, computers are embedded invisibly and directly into the real world Everyday objects and normal activities become the input/output to this environment, Objects are aware of and can respond to the location, state, and activities of other objects in the world both animate and inanimate. Computing becomes part of everyday existence rather thar. isolated (and isolating) on a desktop; of equal importance, computer-based systems can take advantage of, and be compatible with, the rich environments in which humans live. This pane: will look at the technologies involved in ubiquitous computing, its social and technical implications, and its current status as it begins to move out from the research labs and into homes and offices.

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