“PackIT. Animating complicated character groups easily”

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Entry Number: 67


    PackIT. Animating complicated character groups easily



    On Storks, we were asked to design and animate complex structures composed of hundreds of interacting characters. This lead us to develop PackIT – an artist focused approach to efficiently deal with large numbers of characters. Our approach is in contrast to other methods which often rely on simulation or group behaviors.

    We treat each character individually and efficiently manage the conversion between rigs and geometry caches, putting the control back with the artist. Using the extensive library of in-house building blocks we reduce development time and impact on the pipeline. As a result of the huge performance gains and reduced scene load times, a single artists can easily complete shots involving hundreds of characters.



    Ahmet Levent Tasel, Frank Mueller for ideas and extra code . Alan Camilo for additional tools and brainstorming. Joshua Beveridge for trusting that this would work.


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