“Optical Flow-based Face Tracking in The Mummy”

  • ©Curtis Andrus, Endre Balint, Chong Deng, and Simon Coupe

  • ©Curtis Andrus, Endre Balint, Chong Deng, and Simon Coupe



Entry Number: 70


    Optical Flow-based Face Tracking in The Mummy



    In The Mummy, much of MPC’s work involved augmenting the Ahmanet character with various CG elements. This includes, eye splitting, runes, rotten/torn skin, etc. See Figure 1 for an example.

    These elements needed to be added on top of a live performance, so tracking a 3D model to Ahamanet’s face was necessary. Doing this sort of work isn’t uncommon, but with the high volume of shots MPC did for this show, it was clear that some new tools would be necessary to help simplify this process.


    Jared Auty, Marlène Chazot, Ruben D. Hernandez, and Marco Romeo. 2016. Rapid, High Quality Dailies with Render Flow for The Jungle Book. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Talks (SIGGRAPH ’16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, Article 70, 2 pages.



    We’d like to thank Ben Jones as the original creator of the Optical
    Flow deformer, as well as Francesco Pinto for testing our workflow
    tools one Mummy.


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