“Onward!: Creative Careers in Animation, Computer Graphics, and Interactive Techniques” by DeYoung

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    Onward!: Creative Careers in Animation, Computer Graphics, and Interactive Techniques



    Industry panelists share perspectives and insights for students and educators who are considering careers in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Creative industries have transformed as a result of the global pandemic. Transformed workplace cultures and new technologies make room for alternative and dehabituated career paths, presenting a variety of opportunities and unforeseen challenges. Individual representatives discuss the general and specific state of affairs within their own industries, and provide insight into changing employment paradigms. Discussion includes advice for educators to help prepare students for changing workplace paradigms, as well as the preparation, training, and personal attributes students need to enter related career fields. Panelists consider what qualities make for desirable entry-level applicants in their respective fields, and elaborate upon changes in the transition from school to work resulting from the global pandemic. Represented industry segments include animation, big-data, interactive design, and game media. Questions considered include how pedagogy can help prepare and empower students for successful creative careers; what entry-level applicants should have (and should not have) on resumes, portfolios, and demo reels; and what can students do on their own to proactively acquire requisite credentials. Discussion will expose fresh outlooks on the futures of creative fields in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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