“Octree textures on graphics hardware” by Kniss, , Strzodka, Sengupta and Owens

  • ©Joe M. Kniss, Aaron E. Lefohn, Robert Strzodka, Shubhabrata Sengupta, and John D. Owens

  • ©Joe M. Kniss, Aaron E. Lefohn, Robert Strzodka, Shubhabrata Sengupta, and John D. Owens




    Octree textures on graphics hardware



    We implement an interactive 3D painting application that stores paint in an octree-like GPU-based adaptive data structure. Interactive painting of complex or unparameterized surfaces is an important problem in the digital film community. Many models used in production environments are either difficult to parameterize or are unparameterized implicit surfaces. We address this problem with a system that allows interactive 3D painting of complex, unparameterized models. The included movie demonstrates interactive painting of a 817k polygon model (as shown in Figure 1) with effective paint resolutions varying between 64 3 to 2048 3. Our implementation differs from previous work [Benson and Davis 2002; Carr and Hart 2004; DeBry et al. 2002; Lefebvre et al. 2004] in two important ways: first, it uses an adaptive data structure implemented entirely on the GPU, and second, it enables interactive performance with high quality by supporting quadlinear (mipmapped) filtering and fast, constant-time data accesses.


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