“Octahedral Frames for Feature-Aligned Cross-Fields” by Zhang, Vehkter, Chien, Bommes, Vouga, et al. …

  • ©Paul Zhang, Josh Vehkter, Edward (Ed) Chien, David Bommes, Etienne Vouga, and Justin M. Solomon




    Octahedral Frames for Feature-Aligned Cross-Fields

Session/Category Title:   Geometric Foundations



    We present a method for designing smooth cross fields on surfaces that automatically align to sharp features of an underlying geometry. Our approach introduces a novel class of energies based on a representation of cross fields in the spherical harmonic basis. We provide theoretical analysis of these energies in the smooth setting, showing that they penalize deviations from surface creases while otherwise promoting intrinsically smooth fields. We demonstrate the applicability of our method to quad meshing and include an extensive benchmark comparing our fields to other automatic approaches for generating feature-aligned cross fields on triangle meshes.

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