“MuseSpace: a touchable 3D museum with maximum usage of haptics”




    MuseSpace: a touchable 3D museum with maximum usage of haptics


    We present a networked haptic virtual museum; MuseSpace. The main objective of our MuseSpace is to build a virtual musical instrument museum for both education and entertainment. In our MuseSpace, various touchable musical instruments and artifacts are displayed and people can touch them freely by using haptic devices, while in real museums, people are usually not allowed to touch them by keeping those instruments and artifacts in glass showcases in order to prevent possible damages from touches. In addition, we enhance the accessibility, e.g. navigation control, instrument handling, with the help of haptic devices. One of the significant advantages of MuseSpace is that it provides visitors with the chances to experience instruments more interactively by supporting diverse interface media: audio, video, and touching.

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