“Multiperspective rendering for anime-like exaggeration of joint models” by Utsugi, Naemura, Koike and Oikawa

  • ©Kei Utsugi, Takeshi Naemura, Takafumi Koike, and Michio Oikawa




    Multiperspective rendering for anime-like exaggeration of joint models



    In this paper, representing view-dependent deformation of the perspective effect with a multi-perspective approach is discussed. Traditional hand-drawn animation often constructs a more flexible and impressive depiction than that of computer graphics. Among deformations in handmade drawing, anime has traditionally used deformed depictions that are used to exaggerate the effect of perspective in order to exaggerate the posture of a figure into stylish and dramatic distortions. However, in terms of 3D geometry, the depiction may contain a few contradictions between each part of the body and the background.


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