“Multimedia Boot Camp: Adventures for the New Millennium” by Burruss and Owen

  • ©Laurie Burruss and Karen Owen




    Multimedia Boot Camp: Adventures for the New Millennium



    Multimedia Boot Camp: Adventures for the New Millennium responds to the severe shortage of skilled workers for the nation’s multimedia/entertainment industries. It encourages faculty to create and to collaborate on multimedia projects and curriculum that is pertinent to their classrooms and their areas of expertise.

    When a consortium of four California community colleges, Creative Technologies Institute (CTI), expanded its successful “Accelerated Multimedia Curriculum” development effort (funded by a U.S. Department of Labor Demonstration Grant) by implementing statewide and regional curriculum and staff development in multimedia technologies, it proposed implementation of a hands-on and online experience in which faculty with expertise in diverse disciplines develop instructional multimedia curriculum that enhances student learning and creates multimedia experiences in the classroom. This project uses alternative delivery methods such as online courseware, distance learning via video conferencing, and the Internet as an instructional tool. It focuses on staff and curriculum development using multimedia tools in traditional classrooms as well as electronic delivery of multimedia instruction to students. Since multimedia lends itself to interdisciplinary project-based activities, the focus is on project outcomes and collaboration of faculty throughout California.


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