“Multi-Contact Locomotion Using a Contact Graph with Feasibility Predictors”

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    Multi-Contact Locomotion Using a Contact Graph with Feasibility Predictors

Session/Category Title: Human Motion




    Multi-contact locomotion that uses both the hands and feet in a complex environment remains a challenging problem in computer animation. To address this problem, we present a contact graph, which is a motion graph augmented by learned feasibility predictors, namely contact spaces and an occupancy estimator, for a motion clip in each graph node. By estimating the feasibilities of candidate contact points that can be reached by modifying a motion clip, the predictors allow us to find contact points that are likely to be valid and natural before attempting to generate the actual motion for the contact points. The contact graph thus enables the efficient generation of multi-contact motion in two steps: planning contact points to the goal and then generating the whole-body motion. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method by creating several climbing motions in complex and cluttered environments by using only a small number of motion samples.


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