“Motionary: A Dictionary of Meaning in Motion” by Bendito

  • ©Petronio A. Bendito




    Motionary: A Dictionary of Meaning in Motion



    Expression of meaning in motion graphics can be accomplished through the understanding of metaphors used in everyday language. This paper is a report of an instructional design strategy used to apply Lakoff & Johnson’s theoretical approach to metaphors of the everyday, in their book Metaphors We Live By, to the development of metaphors for motion graphics based on typographically-enhanced message design. For example, Lakoff argues that OBLIGATIONS (concept) are POSSESSIONS, and we may add, are HEAVY (meta-concepts). Metaphorical concepts like these were used to start the design process.


    The author would like to acknowledge Dr. Debbie Reese’s invaluable insights that contributed to the development of the instructional design strategies used for this project.


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