“More Than RGB: Moving Toward Spectral Color Reproduction” by Bell and Baranoski

  • ©Ian E. Bell and Gladimir V. G. Baranoski


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    More Than RGB: Moving Toward Spectral Color Reproduction

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    Familiarity with basic color science concepts. Working knowledge of standard graphics techniques and terminology. Experience with numerical methods is helpful, but not required.

    Light measurement and interaction with matter, spectral quantities found in nature, algebraic models of color and the dimensionality of color devices, high-dimensional device characterization and techniques for spectral color reproduction. Advanced material addresses performance and accuracy issues as well as open problems involving color reproduction.

    This course expands on conventional color reproduction to show the potential of spectral reproduction methods. The emphasis is on practical techniques for managing spectral data in the rendering pipeline. Participants learn color reproduction techniques for high-dimensional and spectral data, plus practical algorithms not fully explored in the literature.

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