“Modern Techniques for Implicit Modeling” by Du, Alexa and Hart

  • ©Haixia Du, Marc Alexa, and John C. Hart



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    Modern Techniques for Implicit Modeling

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    A good working knowledge of basic graphics techniques. Attendees should not be easily frightened by terms such as “partial differential equations,” “radial basis functions,” or “line integral.” Familiarity with basic implicit-surface techniques is useful, but not necessary.

    Intended Audience
    People who want to use implicit surfaces to model something other than goo (not that there’s anything wrong with goo).

    Recent developments in modern implicit surfaces, particularly the use of radial-basis functions, MPUs, and digital Morse theory, plus examples of real-world applications from shape transformation to medical modeling. Lectures include the mathematics of implicit modeling and some formal treatment of smoothness issues and sampling analysis for constrained, interpolating, implicit surfaces. Attendees will acquire an overview of the techniques, a better understanding of the mathematics, an introduction to real-world applications, and a primer on open-source software that is freely available for modeling with implicit surfaces.


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