“Modelling with Implicit Complexes”

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    Modelling with Implicit Complexes


    This sketch presents a novel method for modelling heterogeneous objects. Such objects can be heterogeneous from the point of view of their dimensionality and their internal structure. We have defined a hybrid model, called an Implicit Complex (IC) [Adzhiev et al. 2001], based on the concepts of cellular spaces and CW-complexes. We have extended CW-complexes with the implicit description of cells and allowed more sophisticated relations, between the cells, to be defined. A heterogeneous object represented by the hybrid model is considered as a single entity integrating different representation schemes with the ability to preserve and extract information about its components and independently process them while guaranteeing topologically correct definitions.


    Adzhiev, V., Kartasheva, E., Kunii, T., Pasko, A., Schmitt, B. 2001. Cellular-functional Modeling of Heterogeneous Objects, In Proceedings of 7th ACM Solid Modeling Symposium, ACM Press, 192–203.

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