“Mixed reality environment with a mirror” by Kato and Naemura

  • ©Norio Kato and Takeshi Naemura

  • ©Norio Kato and Takeshi Naemura




    Mixed reality environment with a mirror



    In order to create a Mixed Reality (MR) environment, Head  Mounted Displays (HMDs) are very useful for superimposing images of virtual objects onto physical objects. However, it is not so  comfortable to wear such a special equipment. This paper proposes a new way of creating the MR environment without HMDs. You can see upstanding virtual objects among physical objects on a horizontal desktop without any glasses (See Figures 1 (b) and (c)).  The key feature of the proposed method is that you can see virtual objects both inside and outside of the mirror. Figs. 1 (b) and (c) are the examples in which the two worlds (inside and outside of the mirror) are consistent. You can see the foreside of virtual objects in front of the mirror, and the backside inside the mirror. Since this situation is natural for physical objects, we implemented the same optical phenomenon for the virtual ones.  


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