“Madagascar: Bringing a New Visual Style to the Screen” by Johnson, Cronkhite, Grignon, Huang, Rentel-Lavin, et al. …

  • ©Ewan Johnson, Kendal Cronkhite, Rex Grignon, Milana Huang, Janet Rentel-Lavin, Scott Singer, and Rob Vogt



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    Madagascar: Bringing a New Visual Style to the Screen

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    A basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics and 3D animation. For best results, attendees should have seen the animated feature “Madagascar.”

    Intended Audience
    Attendees who are interested in the technical aspects of production of 3D animated feature films and who have a basic understanding of computer-generated animation.

    New insights into the creative and technical thought processes required to evolve a new look for a CG movie. Highlights include how moving away from stylized realism required rethinking the creative process, development methods, and technologies, plus a comparison of the approaches that worked with approaches that did not.


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