“Macromedia Flash in Physics Education ASPIRE’s Interactive Online Labs and Lessons” by Callahan and Jui

  • ©Julie Callahan and Charles C. H. Jui




    Macromedia Flash in Physics Education ASPIRE's Interactive Online Labs and Lessons



    Flash provides the ASPIRE team a means to create interactive virtual learning environments, where teachers and students can explore places and things previously limited by the classroom or simply by time constraints. Flash can become an immersive world for online science education. Producing curriculum support material in Flash provides many benefits for teachers and students.

    Teachers are provided with an affordable tool, which aligns to local and national curriculum standards. This material provides a rich classroom experience at little cost to the educator, while also satisfying the curriculum goals. Students can participate in an engaging learning experience, where science becomes an experience beyond a textbook lesson or a classroom lab. Situations are presented that would be either difficult to reproduce due to cost or scale. For example, students can investigate the causes of tides in the ASPIRE Flash activity “Gravity and Tides.”

    Flash, the software available for authoring these activities, can produce a mathematically correct, physically based model that students can observe and investigate. These lessons provide a high-quality experience; meanwhile, the cost and speed of production of these activities continue to decrease.


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