“Luminance correction with raw digital images” by Hashimoto, Sato, Takahashi, Kasuga and Sato

  • ©Naoki Hashimoto, Mie Sato, Yu Takahashi, Masao Kasuga, and Makoto Sato

  • ©Naoki Hashimoto, Mie Sato, Yu Takahashi, Masao Kasuga, and Makoto Sato




    Luminance correction with raw digital images



    In recent large-scale multi-projector displays, luminance correction techniques using digital cameras inevitably contribute to offering seamless image projection. However, in order to acquire the characteristics of the cameras, they require troublesome estimation processes or expensive photometers which are manually placed and slow in measuring a large number of points on projected images. Therefore, in this research, we propose a simple and efficient luminance correction technique using raw digital images taken only with a high-end digital camera.


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