“Localized volume preservation for simulation and animation” by Punak and Peters

  • ©Sukitti Punak and Jörg Peters




    Localized volume preservation for simulation and animation



    Exact physical behavior of objects can enhance the realism of an- imations and reduce the animators work by suggesting a default  behavior. As illustrated in the Figure above, preserving the volume under constraints can be an intriguing addition to the animator’s  tool chest. Here we show how to keep some geometry of a de- formable (two-manifold, water-tight) object fixed and have other  parts of the object move without changing its volume.  


    1. Gonzalez-Ochoa, C., McCammon, S., and Peters, J. 1998. Computing moments of objects enclosed by piecewise polynomial surfaces. ACM Trans. Graph. 17, 3, 143–157.

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