“Live 3D scenography system and tangible 3D vision” by Ozawa, Abe, Naruto, Kamiya, Narita, et al. …

  • ©Shiro Ozawa, Takao Abe, Noriyuki Naruto, Itaru Kamiya, Atsunobu Narita, Mitsunori Hirano, and Ichiro Kase




    Live 3D scenography system and tangible 3D vision



    The present media seen on the network are no more than pictures and movies. No new media is output. Conversely, the expectation for 3D images has risen in various fields such as entertainment and  medicine. However, it is necessary to learn how to use special de- vices and software in order to make 3D images on the computer,  and this prevented users from using 3D image content. Therefore, we have developed the ”Live 3D Scenography System and Tangible 3D Vision.”  

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