“Lip-sync animation from HMM using dynamic features” by Yotsukura, Kawamoto and Nakamura

  • ©Tatsuo Yotsukura, Shin-ichi Kawamoto, and Satoshi Nakamura




    Lip-sync animation from HMM using dynamic features



    This paper describes a method to create human-like talking-faces speech animation with naturalness and realism by mapping from speech information to a facial movement sequence using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). In our previous research [Yotsukura and Morishima 2005b], we presented a speech animation method based on tri-viseme HMMs using static feature vectors (i.e. facial motion vectors). These HMMs consist of a 3-state left-to-right model and its output, where the demanded facial-motion vector sequences can be segmented for each HMM state. However, the output sequences’  trajectories are not smooth (step-like trajectories) because the out- put vectors compose the mean vectors on optimum HMM state. In  order to create smooth trajectories, we develop a new 3D facial animation system using an HMM-based method considering dynamic feature vectors (i.e. velocity facial motion vectors and acceleration facial motion vectors), which originally applied to 2D image syn- thesis [Sako et al. 2000] . Our method applies 3D facial objects and derives smooth motion trajectories that are similar to those of real  facial motion. Furthermore, the output can be mapped to many dif- ferent kinds of speech animation applications with 3D human-like characters.  


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