“Light, materiality and narrative: beyond form-making in architecture” by Zarzycki

  • ©Andrzej Zarzycki

  • ©Andrzej Zarzycki

  • ©Andrzej Zarzycki




    Light, materiality and narrative: beyond form-making in architecture



    This sketch builds on a recent architectural digital design studio I taught at RISD titled “Im/possible spaces: envisioning a new experience in architecture, defining limits. “ The studio focuses on the fluid aspects of architectural environments—environments that aspire to be exciting and meaningful, not necessarily rational or possible to implement with today’s knowledge and materials. The question of ‘what’ space is superseded by ‘why’ it is, which promotes visual and experiential components in design over physical and factual qualities. The computer is a natural tool for these explorations because it allows us to visually execute impossible aspects of a space. With the introduction of digital tools and an intuitive way of negotiating space, the focus becomes more about human experience through lighting techniques, materials and narration as form-making elements.  

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