“Leveraging motion capture and 3D scanning for high-fidelity facial performance acquisition” by Huang, Chai, Tong and Wu

  • ©Haoda Huang, Jinxiang Chai, Xin Tong, and Hsiang-Tao Wu




    Leveraging motion capture and 3D scanning for high-fidelity facial performance acquisition



    This paper introduces a new approach for acquiring high-fidelity 3D facial performances with realistic dynamic wrinkles and fine-scale facial details. Our approach leverages state-of-the-art motion capture technology and advanced 3D scanning technology for facial performance acquisition. We start the process by recording 3D facial performances of an actor using a marker-based motion capture system and perform facial analysis on the captured data, thereby determining a minimal set of face scans required for accurate facial reconstruction. We introduce a two-step registration process to efficiently build dense consistent surface correspondences across all the face scans. We reconstruct high-fidelity 3D facial performances by combining motion capture data with the minimal set of face scans in the blendshape interpolation framework. We have evaluated the performance of our system on both real and synthetic data. Our results show that the system can capture facial performances that match both the spatial resolution of static face scans and the acquisition speed of motion capture systems.


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