“Levelsets in production: Spider-man 3” by Allen, Cohen, Bloom, Ferreira, Hasegawa, et al. …

  • ©Chris Allen, Jonathan M. Cohen, Doug Bloom, Daniel P. Ferreira, Sho Hasegawa, and Cory McMahon




    Levelsets in production: Spider-man 3



    Levelsets are a flexible implicit surface representation that have many applications in production. A levelset represents a surface as a signed distance function (SDF) on a regularly sampled grid. For Spider-Man 3, we created a toolset called Sandstorm which included a rich set of levelset-based modeling and animation tools. This included methods for converting geometry into SDF fields and vice versa, methods for transferring surface attributes into these fields, tools for looking up values in an SDF, and many other flexible surface editing operators.

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