“K-touch™ haptic API for various datasets” by Lee, Kim and Ryu

  • ©Beom-Chan Lee, Jong-Phil Kim, and Jeha Ryu




    K-touch™ haptic API for various datasets



    This paper presents the development of a new haptic rendering API (Application Programming Interface) called K-TouchT M haptic API. It is designed for users to interact with virtual objects or with real images by both kinesthetic and tactile modalities through haptic interfaces. This API is a set of haptic and graphic libraries, which allows users who are not familiar with the details of haptic rendering algorithms to easily and quickly create visual-haptic scenes for their application development. The architectural design of this API considered the following aspects: i) support hybrid environments with various data representations (3D polygon, 2.5D height field, 3D vol- ume and image data sets), ii) support kinesthetic and tactile haptic interaction simultaneously, iii) efficient haptic and graphic rendering algorithms, iv) convenience of use, and v) extensible software architecture.   


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