“Introduction to WebXR” by Kenwright

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    Introduction to WebXR

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    WebXR seamlessly combines XR technologies (VR, AR and MR) with the flexibility and accessibility of your browser to help you easily and quickly develop versatile and creative XR solutions. In this course, you’ll learn definitions, terminologies and implementation details. The course goes through the basic concepts using uncomplicated working examples. As we believe, a strong understanding of the underlying principles is important if you’re to leverage the full potential of WebXR. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to WebXR from the ground-up. As you’ll learn in this course, WebXR is a powerful interface that pulls together elements from extensible technologies (VR, AR and MR), enabling you to rapidly connect hardware and software seamlessly. WebXR’s versatility and improvisation will allow you to rapidly and freely develop expressive prototypes. While WebXR offers unprecedented means to immerse and interact with your audiences, it also enables you to balance and manage the ever-changing and diverse XR landscape (evolving hardware and standards). This is partly due to the fact that WebXR blend the strength and control of your browser. WebXR is a fusion of Javascript, WebGL and other libraries that allow you to connect movement and visuals in unique ways (e.g., interpret expressive emotions or tell stories through action and movement). Through WebXR, you’ll be able to nurture your creativity and encourage yourself to explore designs that work in interesting and novel ways. Once you’ve mastered the basics of WebXR you’ll have opportunities to invent new interactive interfaces for your applications, instead of following traditional designs which may not fit the style or approach of your system. Another characteristic of WebXR is the deliberate use of Javascript (which is simple, light and flexible). This lets you easily write and prototype ideas, such as stories with emotional content that embrace the user’s surrounding or training simulations that immersive users in realistic situations. Overall, WebXR will allow you to support special hardware effortlessly (let your browser manage compatibility issues), while helping you develop applications that possess coordinated, powerful visual and emotional experiences.

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