“Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing” by Mark, Stoll and Wald

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    Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing

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    For best results, attendees should have a basic background in graphics. Some experience with existing graphics APIs (programmers) or content tools (content creators) is helpful, but familiarity with the details of ray tracing is not required.

    Intended Audience
    Programmers, content creators, and decision makers interested in advanced graphics technology. It provides insight for programmers to best use the technology in their applications, informs content creators about the simplicity and advanced features, and enables decision makers to understand the long-term implications.

    Real-time ray tracing brings physically correct images, advanced rendering features, and easy content creation to interactive 3D graphics. This course gives attendees the background and insight required to build their own fast ray tracers, discusses advanced applications, and provides first-hand experience through software distributed freely to all attendees.


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