“Introduction to Direct3D 10” by Barrero, Boyd, Oneppo, Glassenberg, Porcino, et al. …

  • ©Daniel Barrero, Chas Boyd, Michael Oneppo, Sam Glassenberg, Nick Porcino, Doug Service, and Carsten Wenzel



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    Introduction to Direct3D 10

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    Familiarity with developing Direct3D 9 or OpenGL graphics applications and basic proficiency in writing code in a high-level programmable shader language such as HLSL, Cg, or GSL.

    Intended Audience
    Attendees who are familiar with graphics programming and graphics practitioners who are looking at the new generation of Direct3D hardware. It provides advice from developers who have worked with the pre-release versions and detailed coverage of techniques for designing, developing, and debugging a broad range of graphical applications.

    Direct3D 10 is a major revision of the Direct3D graphics API for high-performance applications and games running on a new generation of PC video hardware. This course provides a detailed overview of the new API, technologies, and techniques required for developing Direct3D 10 applications.


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