“Introduction to Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics” by Hadap and Kokkevis

  • ©Sunil Hadap and Vangelis Kokkevis



Entry Number: 02


    Introduction to Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics

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    Familiarity with physically based simulation techniques, rigid-body dynamics, collision detection, kinematics of articulated bodies, numerical linear algebra, differential equations, and numerical methods.

    Intended Audience
    This course is intended for practitioners with some experience in physically based modeling and an interest in articulated body simulation. It provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, practical implementation details, and suggestions for novel areas of application. The intended audience also includes effects developers, technical directors, and researchers in the area.

    A comprehensive overview of articulated-rigid-body dynamics simulation based on Featherstone’s recursive method and supplemented with analytical constraints, impact, frictional contact, joint-space control, and implicit integration. Novel applications from film production and video games, including simulation of foliage, hair, and character dynamics, are demonstrated.


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