“Interactive Editing of Massive Imagery Made Simple: Turning Atlanta Into Atlantis” by Summa, Scorzelli, Jiang, Bremer and Pascucci

  • ©Brian Summa, Giorgio Scorzelli, Ming Jiang, Peer-Timo Bremer, and Valerio Pascucci




    Interactive Editing of Massive Imagery Made Simple: Turning Atlanta Into Atlantis



    This article presents a simple framework for progressive processing of high-resolution images with minimal resources. We demonstrate this framework’s effectiveness by implementing an adaptive, multi-resolution solver for gradient-based image processing that, for the first time, is capable of handling gigapixel imagery in real time. With our system, artists can use commodity hardware to interactively edit massive imagery and apply complex operators, such as seamless cloning, panorama stitching, and tone mapping.
    We introduce a progressive Poisson solver that processes images in a purely coarse-to-fine manner, providing near instantaneous global approximations for interactive display (see Figure 1). We also allow for data-driven adaptive refinements to locally emulate the effects of a global solution. These techniques, combined with a fast, cache-friendly data access mechanism, allow the user to interactively explore and edit massive imagery, with the illusion of having a full solution at hand. In particular, we demonstrate the interactive modification of gigapixel panoramas that previously required extensive offline processing. Even with massive satellite images surpassing a hundred gigapixels in size, we enable repeated interactive editing in a dynamically changing environment. Images at these scales are significantly beyond the purview of previous methods yet are processed interactively using our techniques. Finally our system provides a robust and scalable out-of-core solver that consistently offers high-quality solutions while maintaining strict control over system resources.


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