“Integrated image zoom and montage” by Gering

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  • ©David Gering




    Integrated image zoom and montage



    Standard features of medical image viewers often include zoom & pan, image montage, and blended overlays. Zooming and panning are typically implemented with a convenient real-time mouse interface. For example, dragging while pressing the left mouse button pans, and dragging while pressing the right mouse button zooms. A montage refers to constructing a tiling, or 2-D array of images, from a set of images acquired at various slice locations or time-points. An overlay refers to blending one image with another as a form of image fusion. A parameter, alpha, specifies the opacity of a foreground image that is overlaid on a background image. A method is proposed that combines the three features of zoom/pan, montage, and overlay with an interactive interface.  


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