“Integrate experiential learning to simulate a website design project process” by Chen

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    Integrate experiential learning to simulate a website design project process



    The current literature suggests that experiential learning is a necessary component of formal instruction in higher education. Experiential learning as a formal part of college and university curricula extends across the range of subject areas and disciplines. The purpose of this project is to detail research how to blend experiential learning principles with project management into a real case of website design practice for the new age of electronic learning. Based on the conceptualization in experiential learning and Internet technology development, a teaching and learning project flows in the practice of web design development is designed to facilitate students in this process. A cohort group of students in Web Design class join this experimental scenario to implement the assigned project of creating a new website design. Within the terms of the learning process, students simulate three basic steps of learning models: Experience, Reflect, and Apply. A total of six learning objectives were initiated, evaluated, and interpreted: creativity, skill sets, productivity, team work, deadlines, and client skills.


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