“INT-MANUS: revolutionary controlling of production processes” by Foursa, Schlegel, Meo, Praturlon, Ibarbia, et al. …

  • ©M. Foursa, T. Schlegel, F. Meo, A. Herrmann Praturlon, J. Ibarbia, S. Kopácsi, I. Mezgár, D. Sallé, and F. Hasenbrink




    INT-MANUS: revolutionary controlling of production processes



    INT-MANUS is a research project with eight European partners backed by the European Commission. The project is developing a new technology, the Smart Connected Control Platform (SCC platform) for manufacturing enterprises. This platform allows controlling production plants in a revolutionary way. With the help of a distributed learning agent platform, innovative mechatronics approaches, ubiquitous, augmented and virtual reality the project will implement a research prototype for a manufacturing plant capable of advanced proactive maintenance, customized production, and error diagnosis and support. The Smart Connected Control platform seamlessly integrates human personnel and manufacturing machines and robots in the production process.

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