“Ink Fall” by Li

  • ©Seph Li




    Ink Fall



    Ink・Fall is a digital installation of ink painting of waterfall.
    From ancient times, China has a traditional of using ink to draw waterfall paintings. And the core concept of mountain and water paintings is never about accuracy or beauty of a moment. It is about the flowing atmosphere that make Chinese paintings unique. This installation, uses thousands of lines and hundreds of thousands of ink particles, to paint ink paintings on screen. Though expression methods have also changed dramatically in this digital age, what I want to show and communicate is almost the same as the ancient artists do in this piece. When fingers
    touch the painting(screen), ink streams will be separated by fingers, particles are also blasted, but the flow of ink continues. At the same time, the sound of koto rises and fused into the background music of birds and water flows harmoniously

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