“InfiniteReality: a real-time graphics system” by Montrym, Baum, Dignam and Migdal

  • ©John S. Montrym, Dan Baum, David L. Dignam, and Christopher J. Migdal




    InfiniteReality: a real-time graphics system



    The InfiniteRealityTM graphics system is the first general-purpose workstation system specifically designed to deliver 60Hz steady frame rate high-quality rendering of complex scenes. This paper describes the InfiniteReality system architecture and presents novel features designed to handle extremely large texture databases, maintain control over frame rendering time, and allow user customization for diverse video output requirements. Rendering performance expressed using traditional workstation metrics exceeds seven million lighted, textured, antialiased triangles per second, and 710 million textured antialiased pixels filled per second.


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