“Inelastic scattering in participating media using curved photon mapping”

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    Inelastic scattering in participating media using curved photon mapping


    True global illumination algorithms in participating media are very costly, owed to the multiple interactions between light and the medium that need to be evaluated in order to achieve a correct result. Some common simplifications include considering only homogeneous media and single, isotropic scattering.
    We present Lucifer, a global illumination environment capable of handling inhomogeneous, participating media while taking into account multiple inelastic scattering. Additionally, light is bent through the media according to Fermat’s Principle. To the authors’ knowledge, it is the first time that all these conditions and effects are considered in a single algorithm. Several limitations and mechanisms of the Human Visual System (HVS) are also computed before mapping the image to the output device.


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    This research was partly done under the sponsorship of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Research through the projects TIC-2000-0426-P4-02 and TIC-2001-2392-C03-02. The authors would also like to thank Guillermo Gutiérrez for his initial contribution to this research.

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