“Implementations toward Interactive Glasses-free Tabletop 3D Display” by Yoshida

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  • ©Shunsuke Yoshida

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    Implementations toward Interactive Glasses-free Tabletop 3D Display



    We have proposed a glasses-free tabletop 3D display that employs a hollow conical screen (anisotropic diffuser) and tiny circularly arranged projectors installed underneath the table [Yoshida et al. 2010]. The scheme resembles a horizontal-parallax-only 3D display based on light field reproduction, but it provides horizontal parallax in a circular direction. Both eyes of each viewer can see the individual aspects of 3D objects from any angle within 360  around the table (the latest prototype called fvision covers 150  of the viewing area by using 120 projectors). Although our display has allowed 3D images to be placed beside real objects as on an ordinary table, the next challenge is to establish an interactive tabletop environment for diverse collaborative activities. In this paper, we study sensing methods designed for our natural tabletop interaction environment and show several experimental implementations.


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    2. Yoshida, S. 2013. Real-time Rendering of Multi-perspective Images for a Glasses-free Tabletop 3D Display. 3DTV-CON 2013, 1–4.

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