“Implementation of “Looney”: designing an interactive game for children on FogScreens” by Lugmayr and Piiro

  • ©Artur Lugmayr and Mika Piiro




    Implementation of "Looney": designing an interactive game for children on FogScreens



    FogScreens are a novel display device for virtual reality applications, where images and graphics seem to be floating in the air. Currently there has been fundamental work performed in improving FogScreen technology. Less research work focuses on the fundamental research and development of content and advanced interactivity techniques for advanced technology (e.g. as shown for digital interactive TV [Lugmayr, Niiranen et al. 2004]). In this paper we describe the development of “Looney”, an advanced interactive game for children on FogScreen. The main character of the game is Looney the fish, and children have to help Looney to survive in different game levels by feeding, protecting or helping him. FogScreen technology has been invented and patented by ISMO RAKKOLAINEN at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. FogScreen technology is based on non-turbulent top-down airflow mixed with a layer of fog. A light beamer projects light onto this thin layer of fog, which makes images appear to be flying in the air [Rakkolainen and Palovuori 2004].FogScreen technology was improved by  adding interactive features via a laser-scanner device. The laser- scanner obtained touch positions of the users’ hand on the  FogScreen device and convert them to mouse behaviour-alike events [Rakkolainen and Palovuori 2005]. Current research work rather purely focuses on the development of new special content types and concepts for this newly emerged technology. Looney is one of the first applications especially designed for FogScreens. The idea was to develop a computer game where a child has to help Looney the fish in surviving different adventures in an aquarium. The aquarium consists of four places, equal to the different levels of the game: feeding place, cave, plants and ship wreck. 


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