“Imparting Non-Technical Skills in Digital Media Students” by Mott and Scroggins

  • ©Harry Mott and Michael Scroggins




    Imparting Non-Technical Skills in Digital Media Students




    Many digital media careers are within collaborative, creative industries. Although a firm grasp of computer graphics techniques and packages is important, students need to possess communication, collaboration and creative skills that are not easily imparted in a classroom setting. Frequently these “nontechnical” skills make or break an individual’s ability to succeed in their chosen field.

    The educators participating in this session are all involved in industry outreach, program development and student interaction. They hope to be the catalysts and guides to a lively discussion of how cg programs can help their students learn these vital skills.

    This forum is open to anyone involved in educating artists and technicians for careers in high-end computer graphics.


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