“Immersivemote: Combining Foveated AI and Streaming for Immersive Remote Operations” by Lungaro and Tollmar

  • ©Pietro Lungaro and Konrad Tollmar

  • ©Pietro Lungaro and Konrad Tollmar



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    Immersivemote: Combining Foveated AI and Streaming for Immersive Remote Operations



    Immersivemote is a novel technology combining our former foveated streaming solution with our novel foveated AI concept. While we have previously shown that foveated streaming can achieve 90% bandwidth savings, as compared to existing streaming solutions, foveated AI is designed to enable real-time video augmentations that are controlled through eye-gaze. The combined solution is therefore capable of effectively interfacing remote operators with mission critical information obtained, in real time, from task-aware machine understanding of the scene and IoT data.


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