“Image-based modeling and photo editing” by Oh, Dorsey, Durand and Chen

  • ©Byong Mok Oh, Julie Dorsey, Frédo Durand, and Max Chen




    Image-based modeling and photo editing



    We present an image-based modeling and editing system that takes a single photo as input. We represent a scene as a layered collection of depth images, where each pixel encodes both color and depth. Starting from an input image, we employ a suite of user-assisted techniques, based on a painting metaphor, to assign depths and extract layers. We introduce two specific editing operations. The first, a “clone brushing tool,” permits the distortion-free copying of parts of a picture, by using a parameterization optimization technique. The second, a “texture-illuminance decoupling filter,” discounts the effect of illumination on uniformly textured areas, by decoupling large- and small-scale features via bilateral filtering. Our system enables editing from different viewpoints, extracting and grouping of image-based objects, and modifying the shape, color, and illumination of these objects.


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