“High-fidelity color reproduction based on multi-channel BTF/BRDF acquisition, rendering and display”

  • ©Masaru Tsuchida, Yoshiyuki Sakaguchi, Hiroyuki Arai, Masami Nishiko, Norihito Fujikawa, Masahiro Yamaguchi, Hideaki Haneishi, and Nagaaki Ohyama




    High-fidelity color reproduction based on multi-channel BTF/BRDF acquisition, rendering and display



    In the industrial design field, high-fidelity reproduction of the color, gloss, and texture of objects is critical in finalizing the design of a product. This paper presents a new image simulation system based on multi-channel BTF/BRDF acquisition, rendering and a multi-primary color display (Figure 1). This system is capable of simulating an object with the same color and gloss as that of the real object in front of an observer, and no manual color adjustment is required after rendering the image. The rendering system can accept some kinds of multi-channel data whose number of channel are different from our acquisition system. A multi-primary color display, which is usually used to obtain a wider color gamut than that provided by an RGB display [Motomura 2002], is also an effective way of reproducing colors inside the color gamut of an RGB display because of its ability to reproduce spectral information. Currently, an RGB-based image system is generally used. BTF/BRDF-based rendering systems have greatly improved the images much more lifelike than was possible previously [Borshukov 2003]. However, the fidelity of the simulated color is inadequate for the applications described above. Full-spectral rendering is regarded as an effective way of improving color fidelity [Peercy 1993]. However, acquiring full-spectral textural information is impractical. In addition, even if we calculate the reflection spectrum using full-spectral rendering, an RGB display cannot reproduce the spectral information. This sometimes causes differences in the color of simulated images and real objects. Our system can overcome these problems.


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