“Hierarchical pattern mapping” by Soler, Cani and Angelidis

  • ©Cyril Soler, Marie-Paule Cani, and Alexis Angelidis

  • ©Cyril Soler, Marie-Paule Cani, and Alexis Angelidis




    Hierarchical pattern mapping



    We present a multi-scale algorithm for mapping a texture defined by an input image onto an arbitrary surface. It avoids the generation and storage of a new, specific texture. The idea is to progressively cover the surface by texture patches of various sizes and shapes, selected from a single input image. The process starts with large patches. A mapping that minimizes the texture fitting error with already textured neighbouring patches is selected. When this error is above a threshold, the patch is split into smaller ones, and the algorithm recursively looks for good fits at a smaller scale. The process ends when the surface is entirely covered. Our results show that the method correctly handles a wide set of texture patterns, which can be used at different mapping scales. Hierarchical texture mapping only outputs texture coordinates in the original texture for each triangle of the initial mesh. Rendering is therefore easy and memory cost minimal. Moreover the initial geometry is preserved.


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