“Hair Grooming with Imageworks’ Fyber” by Hasenbring and Karlsson

  • ©Daniela Hasenbring and Henrik Karlsson

  • ©Daniela Hasenbring and Henrik Karlsson



Entry Number: 42


    Hair Grooming with Imageworks’ Fyber



    Fyber is our new proprietary standalone grooming software solution for hair and fur on all current and upcoming film projects.

    It was developed at Sony Picture Imageworks (SPI) to address the need for a faster, more interactive and more artist-friendly tool to generate any kind of hair, ranging from a characters head hair to fully furred animals, with the goal to significantly lower grooming times and an easier learning experience for new artists.

    As a node based software, Fyber offers great flexibility to achieve any look an artist might desire while also providing fast visual feedback thanks to its highly multi-threaded computation graph and integrated OpenGL and Arnold viewports.

    Fyber’s underlying engine is fully separated from its user inter- face which allows for a seamless and easy integration into 3rd party applications like Maya and Katana where it can be used to compute hair on the fly or to render it to their respective viewports.



    We are grateful to Joe Eckroat and his team who were the first early adopters of Fyber, as well as to everyone at SPI for giving us the chance to come up with and work on such a big development project!


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