“GreenLite Dartmouth: Unplug or the Polar Bear Gets It” by Tice

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    GreenLite Dartmouth: Unplug or the Polar Bear Gets It


Project Affiliation:

    Dartmouth College


    GreenLite Dartmouth visualizes complex, real-time energy data using interactive animations to create an emotional relationship between energy use and its e ects. When electricity use is low, for example, a polar bear is happy and playful. As more energy is used, the bear becomes distressed, and his well-being is endangered.

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    Tim Tregubov, Kate Schnippering, Yoon-Ki Park, Ray diCiaccio, Max Friedman, Jennifer Huang, Justin Slick, Giulia Siccardo, Jessica Glago, Stephanie Trudeau, Daniel Gobaud, Daniel Garcia, Craig Slagel, Lorie Loeb

    Session Title:

    Information Aesthetics: Designing Interactions

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