“Getting Started with webGL and Three.Js” by Haines and Shreiner

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    Getting Started with webGL and Three.Js

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    To best experience the course, attendees should be able to read simple computer programs written in JavaScript, C, C++, or Java, and have a basic knowledge of computer graphics concepts, equivalent to the SIGGRAPH fundamentals course. No previous experience writing graphics applications is required.


    Intended Audience
    Attendees who would reap the most benefit from this introductory course are web application programmers who want to develop graphical applications but may have limited experience with computer graphics. An application programmer who has been writing applications with desktop OpenGL should also benefit from this course, as would educators who are contemplating switching their courses to using WebGL or three.js as the graphics API.

    This course is an introduction to WebGL and three.js, the two most widely used APIs for creating interactive 3D graphics applications that run through a web browser. Participants will be able to run and modify examples during the presentation.

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