“Gaussian quadrature for photon beams in Tangled” by Johnson, Lacewell, Selle and Jarosz

  • ©Jared M. Johnson, Dylan Lacewell, Andrew Selle, and Wojciech Jarosz




    Gaussian quadrature for photon beams in Tangled



    We implemented the recent Photon Beams [Jarosz et al. 2011] algorithm in Photorealistic RenderMan to efficiently render artistically-directed volumetric lighting effects for the feature-length animated movie Tangled [Nowrouzezahrai et al. 2011]. Photon beams generalize volumetric photon mapping by storing the entire path of a photon instead of just the scattering location. Conceptually, each photon beam represents a truncated conical beam of light through the medium. Jarosz et. al formulated several ways to compute a radiance estimate from photon beams, promoting the so-called Beam x Beam 1D estimate which interprets each beam as a flat axial billboard.


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